BOD Severomorsk


Russian BOD "Severomorsk" interfered with exercises of NATO ships

NATO exercises in the Norwegian Sea were thwarted by the appearance of the Russian artillery complex Severomorsk.

The large anti-submarine ship Severomorsk was sent by the Russian fleet to the area of ​​NATO naval exercises in the Norwegian Sea, as a result of which NATO military maneuvers were thwarted, as the Russian warship does not allow the NATO fleet to operate effectively.

A few hours ago, the Russian large anti-submarine ship Severomorsk was spotted not far from Iceland, which caused panic among NATO, since in fact, the BOD was only a few nautical miles from the borders of this state, although it did not take any provocative actions ...

"The large anti-submarine ship Severomorsk is currently exercising control over the NATO Naval Forces involved in a joint unscheduled air defense exercise, which is taking place in the northeastern part of the Norwegian Sea.", - reported two days earlier in the press service of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy.

It should be noted that earlier a group of Russian warships thwarted tests of the American missile defense system "Aegis". This was reported by the American media. As for the Severomorsk BOD, this warship has enough weapons to withstand even superior enemy forces, although the current mission of the Severomorsk BOD is only to monitor the situation.

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