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Russian UAV "Forpost" is used for bombing strikes for the first time

For the first time, the Russian drone "Forpost" was used as a combat drone.

As part of the ongoing testing of a new version of the domestic drone, the Russian military for the first time used the Forpost drone, previously considered an exclusively reconnaissance drone, to deliver strikes. As part of practicing strikes against the forces of a simulated enemy, the domestic unmanned vehicle used two KAB-20 corrected aviation bombs and the result exceeded all expectations.

In the presented photo you can see the moment of the strike by the Russian unmanned aerial vehicle "Forpost" on the forces of the imaginary enemy. In fact, we are talking about a new modification of the domestic drone - "Forpost-R", which was specially developed in order to turn a multipurpose reconnaissance drone into a combat unit.

It is known that, as part of the strike training, the domestic Forpost-R drone surpassed all expectations, since the two strikes hit exactly the target, causing serious damage. At the same time, to all appearances, the KAB-20 corrected aerial bombs will be far from the only armament of this drone.

Domestic UAV "Forpost" is a licensed copy of the Israeli UAV "Searcher". The Forpost-R version was developed in 2019 and today the drone is ready to perform both reconnaissance and combat missions.

Well, it rumbles! Great target. At least they showed what they got into ...