The Russian UAV "Okhotnik" is endowed with a very strange feature. Video

A very strange feature was found in the Russian heavy attack UAV "Okhotnik".

Experts, evaluating the design of the Russian attack unmanned aerial vehicle S-70 "Okhotnik", found one very strange feature of the domestic drone, which leads to a stupor - the "Okhotnik" did not find a place to mount missiles and other ammunition.

In the presented video frames, you can see the domestic attack unmanned aerial vehicle "Okhotnik" from almost all angles, however, neither on the wing structure nor under it is it possible to visually identify the places for attaching weapons, which may well mean that Russian aircraft manufacturers and developers of this drone could to make hidden hatches for weapons, since the UAV belongs to the "stealth" class.

The fuselage of the Hunter from a design point of view may be the best representative of stealth drones. If we are talking about the compartments for weapons, then they are hidden almost perfectly, however, so far, the "Hunter" raises more questions than answers ", - the expert marks.

According to some reports, within the next two years, the domestic UAV "Okhotnik" will begin testing for its combat applicability, while Syria may become the key test region for the Russian drone, for which this drone is almost ideal.

According to previously presented data, the domestic strike UAV "Okhotnik" will be equipped with aviation bombs, air-to-surface missiles and air-to-air missiles.