Russian BTR-82 menacingly took aim at an American military base

Russian BTR-82A aimed guns at an American military base.

After the American side again began to create tensions in Syria in relations with the Russian military, the Russian patrol almost came close to one of the American military facilities in the eastern part of the Arab republic, while, obviously, to demonstrate Russian superiority, the crew of the BTR-82A armored personnel carrier aimed his guns at the American headquarters and armored vehicles, thereby showing that any provocations would be suppressed.

In the presented image, published by the Telegram-community “REVERSE SIDE OF THE MEDAL”, you can see that the guns of the Russian armored personnel carrier BTR-82A are aimed exactly at the American military base and the checkpoint with the US armored car located here. Where exactly and under what circumstances this photo was taken is still unknown, however, about a day ago, it became known about another hard blocking of the American military convoy by Russian forces.

It should be noted that since the beginning of this year, Russia has significantly increased its presence in the territories of Syria, which, according to Washington, are controlled by American military personnel. In particular, Russian military equipment and even military aircraft began to appear here more and more often, as previously reported by the information and news resource

And the Americans were so scared of the "menacingly aimed guns" that they even forgot to point something at the armored personnel carrier in response ... for example, the PTR ...

Not to a military base, but to an armored all-terrain vehicle Oshkosh.

norms of armored personnel carriers, frightened the Americans with a machine gun.

BTR-82A aimed its guns at the American headquarters and armored vehicles
--- Wow !! I aimed all my guns at once! Simultaneously?
And to the headquarters and to the armored vehicles, however ...
Sounds like a WWII battleship sailed to an American base. And how many guns does the armored personnel carrier have, if not a secret?



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