Russian official sold four MiG-31 fighters for 612 rubles - he was detained

A Russian official sold four MiG-31 interceptor fighters for just 612 rubles.

Russian law enforcement officers detained an official who managed to sell four Russian supersonic fighter-interceptors Mig-31, having received for this only 612 rubles (153 rubles for one combat aircraft - approx. Ed.). He is currently being detained by Russian law enforcement officers who have been tracing the latter for nine years.

“In Nizhny Novgorod, ex-official Andrei Silyakov sold four fighter jets at a price of 153 rubles apiece, and then hid from the investigation for nine years. And this was far from the only ingenious scheme of a corrupt official. It is reported that initially questions to the head of the petroleum products department of the Rosrezerv Administration were raised by law enforcement officers because of the sale of fuel oil for a song "- reports the TsarGrad Russian information publication.

It is not known exactly where the corrupt official was hiding for such a long time, however, now he faces a very impressive prison sentence, and in addition, the official will have to compensate for the cost of the sold aircraft.

Noteworthy is the fact that the party by which the official managed to sell interceptor fighters is not yet called.