Russian landing ship "Orsk" seen moving towards Syria

Large landing ship "Orsk" with military equipment on board, seen moving towards Syria.

Large landing ship "Orsk" The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy was seen heading towards the Syrian coast. Military equipment was spotted on board the landing ship - only Toyota cars on which the Syrian military often install anti-aircraft guns and anti-tank missile systems were visually identified; type failed.

It is known that a day earlier a large landing ship "Orsk" The Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy passed the Bosphorus and headed for the Russian Navy base in Tartus. What other weapons and equipment are on board the ship is unknown, however, it is noteworthy that earlier Russian warships were not seen transporting pickups for the needs of the Syrian army. This does not exclude the possibility that the vehicles are intended primarily for the Russian military.

It is expected that the large landing ship "Orsk" with equipment and weapons will arrive in Syria on 23 November. After that, during unloading, it will be possible to establish the volume and type of weapons transferred to the Arab Republic.

There are TWO "white cars". The Russian Navy got involved in the smuggling of the Japanese industry? If you look at the waterline, then they drive .. empty :)



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