Russian kamikaze drone "Lancet" destroyed the Ukrainian MLRS with an ultra-precise strike

The Russian military destroyed a Ukrainian MLRS in the Avdiivka area with an ultra-precise strike.

The multiple launch rocket system provided cover for the Ukrainian military in the Avdiivka area and prevented the organization of an attack on the positions of Ukrainian troops. To destroy the MLRS, a kamikaze drone of the Lancet family was used, one hit of which was enough to completely destroy the position of the Ukrainian troops.

On the presented video frames, you can see how the drone is rapidly moving towards the target after the position of the MLRS has been identified. After only a few minutes, the volley fire system was accurately hit, accompanied by a giant explosion.

Given the limited ability of the Ukrainian troops to cover their forces in Avdiivka and on the outskirts of this settlement, the destruction of even one launcher creates serious problems for the defense of the Ukrainian army.

To date, according to the information provided, Avdiivka is fully controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, however, all approaches to this settlement are under Russian fire control.


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