UAV Orion


Russian drone "Orion" made "invisible" even for satellites

Russia tricked the US military by cunning, hiding the Orion strike UAV from spy planes and satellites.

The Russian multipurpose reconnaissance and strike unmanned aerial vehicle "Orion" was in Syria for almost six months, remaining unnoticed by American military reconnaissance aircraft and space satellites. As it turned out, Russia decided to go for a rather unusual trick and deployed an attack UAV at the Tiyas airbase, and not at the Khmeimim airbase, as was previously thought.

Network users were able to establish the location of the Orion attack drone in Syria using video footage published on the Russia 1 TV channel. Judging by the footage and satellite images, we are really talking about the Tiyas airbase, which indicates that Russia did not want to once again draw attention to the drone, moreover, the rather successful location of this military airfield made it possible to strike both at the positions of the militants on north-west of Syria, and in the desert areas where terrorists of the "Islamic State" are hiding (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.).

In total, the Russian UAV Orion took part in 17 military operations in Syria and was never seen, although a number of sources claimed that in a few strikes against the militants it was this Russian drone that participated.