Cruiser Varyag


The Russian fleet unexpectedly brought two detachments of warships to sea

Two detachments of warships of the Russian Navy went to sea.

A few hours ago, two detachments of warships of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy were unexpectedly put out to sea. According to the information available to date, the first squad includes the flagship missile cruiser Varyag and the frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov, while the second squadron of warships is formed of the Perfect and Loud corvettes.

Earlier, information about the intentions of the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Navy was not provided, while, according to representatives of the Russian Navy, in addition to training and maneuvers, Russian warships will also make visits to ports of foreign countries.

"During the voyage, a number of exercises and drills are envisaged, business calls of Russian ships to the ports of foreign countries are also planned."- said in the message.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the exercises of the Russian fleet may well be associated with the activity of foreign military personnel near the Russian borders, as well as against the background of a number of provocative statements from Japan regarding intentions to "return" the Kuril Islands.