Russian frigate "Admiral Essen" arranged a chase for an American warship

The Russian frigate "Admiral Essen" set up a pursuit of the American destroyer.

The Russian military frigate "Admiral Essen", armed with anti-ship and cruise missiles, chased an American destroyer that had entered the Black Sea a few hours ago. According to the information publication "AMN", the Russian warship literally sat down on the tail of the American destroyer and continues its pursuit even now.

""The Russian frigate Admiral Essen has begun monitoring the actions of the US Navy destroyer Roosevelt (DDG80), which entered the Black Sea on Tuesday, the Defense Ministry's National Defense Control Center (NDCC) reports. "The forces and assets of the Black Sea Fleet have begun monitoring the actions of the US Navy destroyer USS Roosevelt, which entered the Black Sea on September 15, 2020," the message says. The military added that the frigate "Admiral Essen" is directly monitoring the actions of the destroyer ", - reports the publication "Al-Masdar News"

Considering the fact that two long-range Russian Tu-22M3 bombers went to meet the American warship, obviously Russia wanted to demonstrate all its decisiveness, especially since the crew of the USS Roosevelt destroyer is already very familiar with Russian bombers and warships.

What is the purpose of the arrival of an American warship in the waters of the Black Sea is unknown.

"I won't catch up, I'll be so warm!" - the golden rule of the Russian Navy.

What is unknown here? All tabloid newspapers know about this. Joint exercises between Ukraine and NATO as opposed to Russian exercises.