The Russian frigate carried out strikes with "Calibers" on Ukrainian Armed Forces facilities

A frigate of the Russian Black Sea Fleet carried out an attack on military installations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces using four cruise missiles from the Caliber complex, the Russian Ministry of Defense reports. The frigate's crew successfully completed the surprise mission, hitting targets with a salvo of missiles in the shortest possible time. The Zvezda TV channel is showing video footage from the moment the missiles were launched.

Kalibr cruise missiles are part of Russia's long-range weaponry and are capable of hitting both land and sea targets. The firing range at sea targets reaches several hundred kilometers, and at ground targets – about 2 thousand kilometers. The use of Caliber missiles was recorded both on the territory of Ukraine and during military operations against militants in Syria.

It should be noted that several hours before the Kalibr cruise missile strikes, Ukraine expressed concern that the frigate at sea could pose a serious threat.


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