Russian General Calls for Blood Negotiations with Zelensky

Former Commander-in-Chief of the Ground Forces Vladimir Boldyrev urged to seek negotiations with Zelensky with blood.

According to retired Russian general Volodymyr Boldyrev, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's unwillingness to negotiate with Russia should be resolved with blood and iron. According to Boldyrev, it is possible to achieve negotiations with Ukraine, which simply ignores the position of Russia, on the battlefield.

“I am sure of one thing: if we win on the battlefield, then Zelensky will agree to any of our conditions. That's all I can say. Only on the battlefield. Only there, in battle, will the whole future be decided. Because great issues are decided not only by diplomats and voting in parliament, but by blood and iron. I always adhere to this: we will win on the battlefield - we will put any conditions on our own. ”- Boldyrev voiced his opinion.

How effective such a proposal of the Russian general is is unknown, however, it is known that Ukraine has set its own conditions for organizing negotiations, which, for obvious reasons, do not satisfy Russia.


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