Russian and Ukrainian drones staged an air battle over the Donbass

Drones of Russian volunteers and Ukrainian military staged an air battle.

In the skies over Donbass, another chance encounter took place between drones of Russian, presumably volunteers, and Ukrainian military. The likelihood of such a meeting between small drones is very small, however, the drone operators decided to arrange a fight by attacking each other with a ram.

On video footage taken from a Ukrainian drone, you can see the moment of the meeting of two drones in the sky over the Donbass. Due to the peculiarities of drones (and both of them are reconnaissance and are used to correct artillery strikes), the battle had to be carried out with the help of a ram.

Experts pay attention to the fact that the operator of the Russian drone carefully aims and attacks the UAV drone, however, probably due to the difference in size and weight, he cannot shoot it down and gets damaged on one of the propellers, as a result of which it falls towards the ground.

This is far from the first time an aerial combat between drones has been encountered, however, it was not previously assumed that such clashes would take place.


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