The Russian Il-22, twice shot down by the Ukrainian Buk air defense system, was able to successfully land near Rostov

The Russian Il-22 aircraft was hit twice by missiles from the Buk air defense system of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Russian Il-22 aircraft was hit twice by the Ukrainian Buk anti-aircraft missile system. The Ukrainian military fired two missiles at once to guarantee the destruction of the target, however, the Russian aircraft successfully withstood both hits. At the same time, he managed to land quite successfully at one of the airfields.

According to the data provided, on April 3, 2022, the Il-22 air command post received an order to work behind the front line over the territory of Ukraine. On the third day of work in the designated square, Il-22, at an altitude of 7600 meters, was hit by an enemy anti-aircraft missile next to the side. A few seconds later, the second missile also hit the plane, which led to critical damage not only to the aircraft engine, but also to the tail section.

As a result of the hit of damaging elements in the fuel tanks, the aircraft quickly began to lose fuel and only in the last minutes of the remaining flight was able to land on the territory of the Rostov region.

Experts call such a case unique and, in all likelihood, only the actively used electronic warfare equipment could interfere with the operation of the Ukrainian air defense systems, since after the missile captures the target, the latter is guaranteed to hit directly into its center. Moreover, after two hits, the aircraft turned out to be suitable for recovery - about 200 holes were guaranteed to cause the destruction of almost any side, but the Russian aircraft successfully withstood the attack.


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