The collapse of the Su-34


Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber crashed after intercepting two American bombers

In the Far East, while intercepting American bombers, a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber crashed.

This afternoon in the Far East, during the flight, a Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber crashed. The crew managed to eject - there were no casualties, however, as it turned out, the crash of a Russian combat aircraft mysteriously coincided with the moment when two American strategic bombers B-1B Lancer were located here, which, obviously, were intercepted by the Russian Aerospace Forces.

“As reported in the press service, the pilots managed to eject, nothing threatens their health. “The pilots ejected. There is no threat to their health. At present, the crew members have been evacuated to the home base, "the district said.", - about it сообщает Russian information and news agency "RBK".

Sources also clarify that the crash of the Russian fighter-bomber occurred during a scheduled flight, and the aircraft itself was not equipped with ammunition, which casts some doubt on the version with the interception of American bombers.

According to official data, the main reason for the crash is called a technical malfunction, but its nature is not announced.

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