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Russian fighter MiG-31 modernized to the level of "super interceptor"

Russia decided to upgrade the MiG-31 fighter to the level of a "super interceptor".

Despite the fact that it was supposed to start decommissioning the domestic MiG-31 fighters already in 2030, it became known that a decision was made to modernize most of these combat aircraft to the level of a "super interceptor". This implies a deep modernization of the fighter's systems, replacement of parts of its fuselage, replacement of the radar and on-board control systems, as well as the use of new weapons.

It became known that the modernization carried out will at least triple the effectiveness of the use of these interceptor fighters. Moreover, most likely, the fighter will be able to detect and intercept hypersonic missiles and combat maneuvering units.

"The modernization, which is carried out with the complete replacement of on-board radio-electronic equipment with modern samples and provides for the use of modern aviation weapons, approximately three times increases the combat effectiveness", - said the representative of the Russian enterprise "Sokol".

It is not specified within what period of time it is planned to complete the modernization, however, it is very remarkable that the mechanical control system in one of the fighter variants will be replaced with a fly-by-wire.

Samson-san, look closely at the amers - they are modernizing their old ICBMs for the third time in 50 years (!). The same happens with the combatant F-15 and F-16. They don't have enough heads to make a new one?

There is an air superiority fighter, there are front-line fighters, and there are interceptor fighters. Each has its own characteristics. There is no universal plane. The MiG-31 is very good as an interceptor due to its speed.

There is not enough money. "Everything has already been stolen before you" :)

New to create from scratch, the mind is not enough?

Those. there is something wrong with the Su-57. Apparently for the north, it is not suitable ... And in general it is slowly molded: 4 boards a year !?