NATO panic


Russian fighter jet disperses NATO conference with unexpected maneuvers

One Russian fighter jet scared NATO and allies of the Alliance.

The NATO partners' press conference, which began this afternoon, was unexpectedly concluded with the appearance of a Russian combat aircraft that unexpectedly appeared near the borders of Lithuanian airspace, bypassing several NATO radars in the Baltic and Northern Europe. As it turned out, one combat aircraft was enough to wreak havoc.

It is noteworthy that the evacuation of the conference participants was captured on video. It is obvious that Lithuania was clearly in a hurry with the announcement of the alarm, since there was no real threat - the fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces performed a planned flight over the Baltic Sea and did not perform any threatening actions.

Nevertheless, experts draw attention to the fact that NATO fighters were raised to intercept Russian combat aircraft with a clear delay, which indicates that NATO does not control the movement of Russian combat aircraft, despite previously made statements on this score.

Experts do not exclude that the alleged threat was invented specifically in order to increase the pressure of the North Atlantic Alliance on Russia.

scared that bolts would fall from the plane?

The Russians will have to live from hand to mouth. This has happened more than once.

Of course, the situation is far-fetched and played out theatrically and everything is for extracting additional money for the "needs of NATO" :))

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.... One Russian fighter jet scared NATO and the allies of the Alliance .... Is this "we can repeat"? And why not live peacefully with neighbors?

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