Russian fighter jet dropped a strange aerial bomb on pro-American forces in Syria

A fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces dropped a strange aerial bomb on the positions of the pro-American forces in Syria.

A few hours ago, a Russian fighter jet dropped a rather strange type of bomb on the positions of the pro-American Syrian Democratic Forces of Syria. Initially, it was assumed that we were talking about a cluster munition, however, as it turned out, we are talking about a rather rarely used aerial bomb DAB-500.

In the presented photo you can see the DAB-500 aerial bomb dropped by a Russian combat aircraft over the northeastern part of Syria.

It is reported that the bomb was dropped over the positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces and initially the ammunition was perceived as a cluster bomb that could not successfully hit its target. At the same time, given the angle of the photographs taken, there are suggestions that we are talking about an RBK-250 aerial bomb, which is just a cluster munition.

The purpose of using the bomb over northeastern Syria remains unknown. Apparently, this could be due to the fact that recently the Syrian democratic forces tried to start threatening the Russian military, who had set up a field camp near the US positions. In fact, this was a warning to the Syrian Democratic Forces that any threats to the Russian military would result in a heavy bombing of the region, especially since the Syrian Democratic Forces are an illegal armed formation.

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