Fighter of the sixth generation


Russian sixth generation fighter will be equipped with its own air defense system ?!

The new generation Russian fighter will receive its own air defense system.

It will be almost impossible to shoot down the newest Russian sixth generation fighter with air defense or combat aviation, since the new combat aircraft will receive its own air defense system. We are talking, according to some information, about a laser complex capable of hitting targets at distances of up to 1,5-2 kilometers.

The aircraft combat laser complex will successfully repel attacks from air defense systems and enemy aircraft. Given its range, a large supply of energy is not required, however, such an installation can greatly increase the protection of a fighter.

“… The aircraft systems will record the approach of an anti-aircraft or aircraft missile at a considerable distance - during this time the laser will be able to aim at the target and, upon entering the affected area, immediately shoot it down. Such an air defense system will be incredibly valuable, as it will make the fighter invincible ", - the analyst notes.

Given the rather limited possibilities for placing a laser complex on a fighter, experts believe that its capabilities will be enough to repel 10-12 strikes, while it is possible that instead of a laser, microwave weapons can be used, which are currently also being tested by the Russian military.