Russian Su-27 fighter broke into NATO airspace, hiding behind an American bomber from air defense systems

The Russian Aerospace Forces managed to humiliate the entire NATO defense in a day.

Russian combat aircraft twice in just one day were able to "humiliate" the entire defense capability of the North Atlantic Alliance, moreover, this was done by only one Russian combat aircraft, which broke into NATO airspace, and was successfully in it, hiding behind an American bomber - opening fire by means air defense would be impossible, since in this case an American military aircraft would be hit in the first place.

“According to NATO, the Su-27 followed the B-52 into Danish airspace over Bornholm Island in the Baltic Sea, making a significant violation of the airspace of the Alliance. In response to the actions of the Russian pilots, Danish F-16 rapid response fighters, which were located at the mainland base in Voyens, were launched into the air. However, it should be noted that the Russian Su-27 managed to escape while their colleagues were getting to the place. ", - about it сообщает publication "PolitRussia".

Thus, the Russian Aerospace Forces not only gave a worthy NATO response to the provocations near the Russian borders, but also demonstrated their readiness to react very harshly, hiding behind the aircraft of the North Atlantic Alliance and making air defense systems completely useless.

Did you penetrate there, hiding behind an American bomber, and went back naked? So the guy really risked his life and the plane.

Ah, well done, he takes pride for our guys! I just want to hug, and press to my heart, health to you and clear sky, you are our Falcons!