Russian Su-30 fighter jet passed a few meters over the heads of the Ukrainian military

A Russian Aerospace Forces fighter flew over the heads of the Ukrainian military.

The flight of the Russian Su-30SM fighter, which had just struck at the positions of Ukrainian troops, was completely unexpected for a small group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Despite the fact that the group has weapons, including an anti-tank missile system, the Ukrainian military did not attack the Russian combat aircraft, fearing that they would become the next target.

In the video footage, you can see how a group of Ukrainian soldiers is in hiding. However, she is completely defenseless in front of the Russian combat aircraft, which flies just a few meters above their heads. Despite the presence of weapons, including those capable of causing damage to the aircraft, the Armed Forces of Ukraine prefer not to confront the Russian combat aircraft. This, by the way, can also be caused by the shock state of the Ukrainian military.

Such a case is by no means the only one, however, Russian military aviation demonstrated the high efficiency of its use during the nine months of the special military operation, which, among other things, is confirmed by the current video footage.


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