Russian Su-30SM fighter armed with two anti-ship missiles put a NATO warship to flight

The NATO ship tried to approach the Russian naval base, but was instantly intercepted by a Russian Aerospace Forces fighter.

A ship from one of the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance tried to approach the Russian naval base in Tartus, Syria, unnoticed. Apparently, the crew of the warship wanted to violate the territorial waters, as it was seen in the immediate vicinity of them. Quite unexpectedly for the crew of the battleship (the type of the warship is not disclosed - ed.), The Su-30SM fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces, armed with two anti-ship missiles, actually flew over the deck of the ship, making it clear by its action that the Kh-31 anti-ship missiles would be fired at move at the first crossing of the sea border.

It is known that any escalation was avoided, since, having perfectly understood the hint of the Russian Aerospace Forces, the NATO ship was forced to change course. Russian aviation continued its pursuit, as a result of which the Alliance ship was completely forced to flee. This is possibly due to the likely use of electronic suppression, and, moreover, we are talking not only about electronic warfare systems on board Russian combat aircraft, but also about electronic warfare systems deployed at Russian military bases in Syria.

Which NATO member country owns the warship that tried to stage the provocation, the source does not say.

axis of evil US-SU in action

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.... would indicate at least from which direction the enemy ship was going (I do not ask about the coordinates at all). The fact is that in the same place all the approaches are in mine traps and it is almost impossible to pass ...

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