Russian Su-35 fighter intercepts another F-35 over western Syria

A Russian "super-interceptor" with a full complement of weapons was raised from the Khmeimim airbase.

The appearance in the sky over the Syrian province of Idlib of the Russian Su-35 fighter with a full complement of weapons prompted experts to speculate that an American fighter, including the fifth generation F-35 fighter, could be seen in the western part of the Arab Republic. It is reported that the flight of the Russian combat aircraft was relatively short, which means that with the appearance of the Russian Aerospace Forces in the sky, the unknown enemy preferred to retreat.

“Su-35 has appeared in the sky over Idlib. Perhaps the Americans decided to start harassing the CAA or the Russians again? ", - this is reported by one of the "Twitter" -accounts, which published a photo of a Russian military aircraft over the province of Idlib.

There were no official statements from the Russian Aerospace Forces, however, from the Khmeimim airbase, these combat aircraft take off quite rarely - most often to intercept any air targets that appear in the immediate vicinity of the Russian military airfield, which after a series of clashes between Russian and American the military may well be a provocation of the United States.