The Russian Su-35 fighter flew a few meters above the American military aircraft ... upside down

A Russian Su-35 fighter jet intercepts an unusual American military aircraft.

Another attempt by the US military to collect data on the Russian military group in Syria led to angry responses from the US military. The reason for this was an unusual interception arranged by the pilot of a Russian Su-35 fighter, which flew just a few meters above the American anti-submarine aircraft, doing it upside down.

According to the information resource, the appearance of an American military aircraft in the eastern Mediterranean forced the Russian military to raise its combat aircraft. An attempt to demonstrate to the American pilots the end of their mission did not lead to the desired results, as a result of which the pilot of the Russian Su-35 attempted to dislodge the American P-8 Poseidon aircraft from the airspace near the Syrian borders, turning in the air and flying only a few meters above the cockpit of the anti-submarine reconnaissance aircraft.

Despite the lack of any details, it became known that after a few minutes the crew of the American military aircraft interrupted their mission and had to return to the airbase, after which, as expected, the Russian pilots were accused of "wrong" actions.

According to a number of Russian media outlets, this incident was far from the first in recent years.

You can believe everything, but the plane has no legs. He has a chassis.

In 1978, we flew to the north (Be12) to practice joint actions with the SF aviation to search for an atomic submarine, I was the assistant of the crew commander (right pilot) of the crew commander of the squadron commander p / p-k Safonov, the exercises began, they came to the area and started work and Orion literally immediately appeared, we fly according to our plan, and he crawls under us and does not allow us to work, threw his buoys and bothers us - I got a bourgeois bastard, I show the commander with my hand, let's sniff in front of my nose, he waved his hand like well, let's shorter the engines to maximum and before With his nose 80-100 meters, we rush From top to bottom, the guys immediately washed away from the area, but continued to run parallel tacks, well, they showed me a huge fist in front of the nose, and other crews after us said they saw Orion outside the area, but he did not interfere ..

Perhaps this was the case earlier, or in the future. But the photo, in this case, is upside down. The shadow of the SU-shki's wing console falls on the rocket. Pilot's flashlight and helmet in the rays of the sun. Is it shining from below the surface of the Earth? And our SU-shka is flying under the American's right wing, although a few meters away, of course. Do not misrepresent. Photo for amateurs.

Light and shadow, photo upside down.

Author, do not mislead readers. Better turn the photo over. And then the American had everything on the ceiling ...

in 87, our ace has already leaked

Our! Professional artists! Sorry for the American pilots !! Go to psychologists again !!

the shadow from the wing falls on the rocket. the sun is above the wing. the plane flies smoothly.

wild ensign

The P-8 Poseidon is a low-wing aircraft with a wing above. Perhaps the news is real, but the photo is fake)))

Pedal pilot confused

Well, it was Poseidon flying belly up.

Do you think Poseidon was flying upside down ?. It can't be ... for the pilot, then the contents of the diapers would flow to the eyes

Poseidon has a wing on the bottom, the photo is upside down. Boeing P-8 Poseidon.

Cool! So still no one broke off spies))

Bravo guys!

This is how our country dictates its unyielding will to the rest of the world ...))),)

Well done! It is necessary to overtake the balo and dump a little fuel.

They show an inverted photo and applaud the Poseidon pilot ...

right will be belly up, planes have no legs


flip the photo and you will do the same

Well done! Risky guy!

Along the way, this is the grandson of Vasya Tsymbal! (One can feel the "handwriting" of the Great Master)

Well done our pilot.

Once again, our pilots prove the superiority of Russian aviation over other Lituns.

This is how we won all wars. While the enemy is drawing maps of the offensive, we are changing the landscapes, moreover, manually. When the time comes for the attack, the enemy is lost in unfamiliar terrain and comes to full non-readiness. This is the meaning, this is our strategy