The launch of the Su-57


The Russian Su-57 fighter grandiose fired rockets - this he did not know before. Video

The Russian Su-57 fighter grandiose fired rockets from a vertical position.

The fifth-generation Russian fighter was able to launch missiles not only from a horizontal position, but also from a vertical one, which allows this aircraft to effectively emerge victorious from any air battle.

On the video footage presented by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, you can see how the Russian fifth-generation Su-57 combat aircraft launches an air-to-air missile from a fully vertical position, and, in this case, the effectiveness of hitting an air target is by no means less than in the case of launching a rocket from a horizontal position. Thanks to the provided opportunity. The Su-57 fighter can attack the enemy even when performing difficult maneuvers, which makes it a real winner in any air battle.

It should be noted that within the next 1,5-2 months, the Russian Air Force will receive the first serial fighter of a new generation, while Russian aircraft designers may have their first orders from other countries, especially considering the fact that by its combat capabilities Su-57 is many times superior to F-35 and F-22 fighters.

- so far not a single plane has entered the Army - and already surpasses all existing planes in the world in all respects - you read this and I really want to believe it!

In the mid-70s, two F-15 AXs sent rockets from a vertical line (I don’t remember the exact abbreviation; they ended at 135), to destroy satellites and CS (!) At altitudes up to 450-550 km. In the 80s, the project was frozen.

Superior in maneuverability
in absolute speed / afterburner speed,
in climb speed,
along the radius of the combat departure,
by payload - repeatedly
by armament,
the presence of two engines with a variable thrust vector (for f 35 - one)
presence of passive detection radars
at the price of
But f 35 seems to be hardly noticeable in one of the spectra of radio waves under the condition of frontal exposure !!!
And in all the rest - anyway it’s better
the fifth generation after all! ))))

It is shown beautifully but there is a big BUT, that's when these Su-57s will be in the Army in sufficient quantities then we'll see. Now it’s only a cartoon.

And what laws of physics did they violate, what took off?

It is very curious about what such combat capabilities it surpasses the F-35? Maybe on the engines?))