The Russian Ka-52 arranged a deadly meat grinder for terrorists. Video

Deadly meat grinder from Ka-52: the Russian military uses the latest secret weapons in Syria.

A few hours ago, the Russian Ka-52 attack helicopter was spotted in an area where, under mysterious circumstances, one of the leaders of the Turkish-backed terrorists was destroyed. If it was originally supposed that the American drone with the R9X missile attacked the vehicle, then given the appearance of a helicopter in this area, as evidenced by the corresponding photo, this may indicate that we are talking about the Russian military, obviously testing a new type weapons.

Judging by the photographs and video made at the site of the elimination of the terrorist, the Russian Ka-52 arranged a meat grinder for the militants, using high-precision ammunition of kinetic effect against them. Moreover, in favor of testing the latest Russian weapons is the fact that judging by the damage to the vehicle, the ammunition used did not have blades typical of the American R9X missile.

As for the experts, some of them estimate that we can talk about a new type of Ataka missile, however, given the fact that among the items of this type of ammunition there are no ammunition of kinetic effect on the target, there is an assumption that we are talking on testing a new high-precision weapon in Syria

All well done!