Russian "KamAZ" shot down a helicopter with journalists and videographers

Russian KamAZ shot down a helicopter with journalists and videographers.

A few days ago, the Russian KamAZ, which took part in the Dakar-2021 race, and moving at very high speed, unexpectedly jumped on a sand dune, hooking a helicopter, as a result of which the latter almost crashed. The incident was recognized as very unusual for the entire time of the Dakar races - this happened for the first time.

The video footage shows how the Russian team is trying to come to the finish line first, and this is filmed by journalists and videographers from a helicopter pursuing the Russian truck. At some point, the pilot sank so low to the Russian truck that, jumping on the dune, the latter hooked on a rotary-winged vehicle - the latter was damaged and only miraculously did not crash from a powerful blow.

It is not known how serious the damage to the helicopter with journalists and videographers turned out to be, however, they definitely exist, since a multi-ton Russian car literally knocked out the helicopter in the air.

«There are no people to blame for the collision, and they are unlikely to be looked for: riders should not plot the route so as to dodge helicopters. Aerial operators are also just doing their job: beautiful replays and footage from a height are just a direct result of their courage. ", - reports the publication "".

It should be noted that the Russian truck was also damaged, however, the latter are not critical.

The operation of supersonic passenger aircraft turned out to be too expensive, so the operation of the Tu-144 and Concorde also ceased.

The Americans scanned Crimea for two years, but it turned out that they were scanning the wrong air defense systems. But we even have trucks jump on helicopters and "shoot down"))))

In the USSR, tanks flew near Kryuchkov. KAMAZ trucks fly to Russia. And this is good.

I remember something similar in Lebourg France, in my opinion, in the 80s, when the Russian TU-144 was taking off, then a French helicopter suddenly appeared and if the TU-144 had not dodged, then a catastrophe with a helicopter would have occurred and eventually the TU-144 crashed and the Russians the pilots were killed and the TU-144 for some reason did not go into production