The Russian complex "Krasuha-2O" learned to mold AWACS radars and F-35 fighters

The Russian electronic warfare system “Krasuha-2O” has learned to track and completely blind AWACS radars.

Regular flights of American AWACS aircraft near Russian borders and military facilities allowed Russian specialists to find ways to block the normal operation of this system, by completely suppressing it by electronic warfare. The domestic complex “Krasukha-2O”, whose family has previously demonstrated the effectiveness of the fight against drones, aircraft and cruise missiles in Syria, is coping with this task.

“The evolution of the Krasuha electronic warfare system is on the path to reducing the size of the complex and expanding its capabilities. "Kraukha-2" was analog and was located in three all-terrain vehicles. "Kraukha-4" became digital and fit in two. The full characteristics of the Krasukha-2O are classified, but it is known that its radius of action has grown to 400 kilometers. This is a key indicator, since one of the main tasks of the system is the neutralization of AWACS flying radars. Without their help, the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II stealth planes cannot attack - they turn off their own radars in battle for the sake of invisibility. The deployment time of the complex in a combat position is 15 minutes "- сообщает Russian newspaper.

Given these capabilities of the Russian electronic warfare systems, Russia is able to suppress any attempts even to approach its borders or military facilities, and taking into account the fact that in the near future new systems will appear on the arsenal of Russia, the radius of the continuous jamming of which will increase by 30-40%, it is likely that Russia is already getting the best non-lethal weapons that can cope with all the threats from the United States and NATO.