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Russian electronic warfare system attacked NATO military satellite "Sentinel-1"

A NATO military satellite was attacked by a Russian electronic warfare system.

An attempt by NATO to conduct a reconnaissance operation in the Rostov-on-Don area failed after a Russian electronic countermeasures complex successfully attacked the systems of a military reconnaissance spacecraft. According to the US Emergency Alert System, on July 22, in the Rostov-on-Don area, the operation of the Sentinel-1 spacecraft was disrupted. It was positioned not only as a civilian satellite for remote sensing, but also as a military reconnaissance apparatus. There was a malfunction of the systems of the spacecraft, while it was possible to establish the source of powerful radio-electronic interference.

Earlier, the news agency Avia.pro reported that it could be a Russian electronic warfare system, activated specifically to hide Russian warships in the northern part of the Sea of ​​Azov. Taking into account the data of the American side, it was precisely the suppression of the work of the spacecraft that was carried out.

It is noteworthy that such a case is far from the only one: earlier the reconnaissance satellite Sentinel-1 was subjected to similar attacks on June 10 and 16, which indicates that the suppression of the satellite's functioning is purposeful, since the period of passage of the spacecraft in certain orbits is fixed.

According to the assumptions of Russian experts, Russian complexes of the Tirada family could be used to attack the NATO satellite.

no need to launch enemy satellites! Then we wonder where the spies come from! Or someone's eyes are obscured by dollars!?.
And why slip foreign words for verification?

Sentinel-1A and Sentinel-1B are European radar satellites under the Copernicus program. Orbital inclination 98,1 degrees. The picture was taken with a mistake.

Can not understand anything. There are autonomous optical tracking systems. They can read license plates on cars from space. These military systems are not afraid of any radiation.

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