The Russian electronic warfare complex "Pole-21" shot down a Ukrainian drone Tu-141 "Strizh"

The Russian electronic warfare complex brought down the navigation system of the Ukrainian Tu-141 Swift drone when approaching Kireevsk.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation made an official statement and acknowledged the fact of the defeat of the navigation systems of the Ukrainian Tu-141 Strizh unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with a 100-kilogram FAB-100-120 high-explosive bomb, preventing the latter from hitting the target chosen by Kiev. As a result of the drone crash in Kireevsk, there is serious damage and at least three victims, including a minor girl.

On the presented video frames, you can see the consequences of the fall and subsequent explosion of an unmanned aerial vehicle. According to local residents, a huge funnel formed at the site of the explosion, and the striking elements of the drone (probably, we are talking about fragments of an air bomb) scattered within a radius of 500 meters.

“The Pole-21 electronic warfare complex carried out an impact on a Ukrainian strike drone, as a result of which its navigation system was disabled. The unmanned vehicle, having lost its orientation, fell near the village of Kireevsk, Tula region., - reports the Ministry of Defense.

Judging by the video footage, as a result of the fall of the Tu-141 Strizh drone, residential buildings of Kireevsk residents were seriously damaged. However, it is still unknown where exactly the drone was flying, because, judging by the direction of the launch, the drone was moving towards Moscow, flying over Russian territory for about 400 kilometers.


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