Russian electronic warfare system hit an American bomber off the coast of Syria

An unknown Russian electronic warfare complex went through the on-board systems of an American bomber.

The provocation, staged by one of two American strategic bombers off the coast of Syria, where the Navy ships are currently conducting exercises, did not go unnoticed by the Russian military. In response to an attempt to work out strikes by the American B-52, Russian electronic warfare systems of an unknown type seriously disrupted the operation of the on-board systems of the American side. As a result, the bomber had to urgently turn around and head into Egyptian airspace.

On the presented images, you can see the flight route of the American aircraft with the call sign “Chief11”, which tried to approach the Syrian coast from Lebanon, however, between Beirut and Limassol, it was forced to turn around and head for Egyptian airspace.

According to the data that the satellites managed to obtain, the onboard systems of the American strategic bomber were seriously affected by electronic jamming, as evidenced by the constantly changing coordinates of the aircraft, its speed and flight altitude.

Earlier, Israel accused Russia of using unknown electronic warfare equipment in the eastern Mediterranean. At the same time, according to the Israeli side, Russia recognized the use of these weapons, but noted that this was done for defense purposes.

It should be noted that initially two American strategic bombers were supposed to operate in this area, but one of them broke down over the western Mediterranean Sea, which was already mentioned earlier. сообщалось.

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