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Russian electronic warfare complex successfully shot down a Ukrainian drone

Deployed Russian electronic warfare systems began to hit Ukrainian drones.

A few hours ago, another attempt by the Ukrainian military to arrange a provocation and conduct reconnaissance of the area, apparently with a view to further inflicting artillery strikes, led to the fact that the Phantom-4 drone was shot down by a Russian electronic warfare system.

At the moment, it is known that the Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicle was moving towards the village of Pervomaysky, where, according to some sources, the positions of the People's Militia of the LPR are located. Due to the existing danger, the drone was successfully destroyed, the equipment on board, allowing reconnaissance, was confiscated by NM LPR.

“The quadrocopter was forcibly planted, photo and video materials taken from the flash drive are being studied by specialists,” says Yakov Osadchy, a representative of the LPR People's Militia.

Last week, the information and news resource Avia.pro reported that Russian Krasukha-4 electronic warfare systems were spotted in Donbass, however, apparently, a different complex was used to defeat the Ukrainian drone, which, by the way, is in service with the self-proclaimed There are a lot of Donbass republics.

The Turks do not have any problems to bring from Syria where they were definitely used by the wreckage of these missiles, the time coincides, if it was shot down where is the photo and video of the fallen missile, where are the serial numbers?

The Phantom-4 was discontinued back in 2017.
There is no official confirmation of this news anywhere.
Where do you get this information from?

That is, according to the author, they were and at the same time he writes. To date, the Russian side does not give official comments on the statement made by Ilham Aliyev, which raises some suspicions that the Russian complexes were actually used in the armed conflict in Karabakh. MEANS THE ARTICLE IS EMPTY. WHO ADVERTISES HIMSELF

And where does the LPR get Russian electronic warfare from? Or does Russia still sponsor and arm the unrecognized republics?

An attack drone, not an airplane. The plane has room for the pilot, but there is no flashlight right there.

In the photo is an airplane

Phantom-4 is a civilian copter with Ali)))

Drone ... quadrocopter with camera. :)
And not shot down, but planted. Well, the authors)