British aircraft carrier


Russian complex strike by means of electronic warfare against a British aircraft carrier is capable of incapacitating it

British aircraft carriers proved to be vulnerable to a complex EW attack.

The Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers in service with the Royal British Navy could be turned into immobilized pieces of metal, as it turned out that the systems of these ships are vulnerable to the effects of electronic warfare and electronic countermeasures. Given the fact. that today Russia possesses the most advanced electronic warfare systems, any provocation of British aircraft carriers off the Russian coast can lead to a powerful attack by Russian electronic warfare systems, which will disable these warships.

At the moment, the UK is most worried about possible actions from China, noting that the crew of the aircraft carrier "HMS Queen Elizabeth" will face very serious opposition from the PLA.

“The British Navy aircraft carrier expects hostile reception from China in the Pacific Ocean. The attack aircraft carrier group led by HMS Queen Elizabeth will face cyberattacks from the Chinese military, which will try to jam the signals of ships, interfere with radar systems and airborne electronic equipment. "- said in the message.

In the event of an attempt by the British fleet to try to demonstrate their superiority off the Russian coast, the Russian military can easily use the most powerful electronic warfare systems, which, as previously stated, already have a suppression range of up to 1 kilometers, which will surely turn the aircraft carrier into a floating piece of scrap metal.

How much can you brag about. Well, we have nothing but old troughs, which are called the fleet

All about "abilities". When will they be able to drive flying radars from the borders of the Russian Federation by 200-250 km? In Lithuania, for example, two "mosquitoes" amerskih rub against Koenig around the clock .....