Intercept ship


The Russian ship with the "Caliber" on board went to intercept an American warship

The Russian warship with the "Caliber" on board headed for the American destroyer.

The rather unexpected appearance in the Black Sea of ​​the American destroyer USS Ross forced the command of the Russian Black Sea Fleet to send a small Vyshny Volochek missile ship carrying Caliber cruise missiles to intercept it.

According to the data that had at its disposal, already at the entrance to the Black Sea, a Russian patrol ship began to pursue an American destroyer, which posed a certain risk, due to the presence on its board of several dozen Tomahawk cruise missiles, as well as the lack of information about the presence in the waters of the Black Sea.

It should be clarified that earlier the European and African command of the US Armed Forces reported that the main purpose of the appearance of the American destroyer “USS Ross” in the Black Sea is to ensure the safety of navigation and working out interactions with US military partners, however, the program for the stay of the warship is so voiced and was not.

According to experts, the American destroyer can visit both Georgia and Ukraine, passing in relative proximity to the territorial waters of Russia, and therefore the creation of provocations is possible.

and what prevents him from provoking himself