Cruiser Moscow


The Russian cruiser Moscow will be at the service of the Russian Navy a record 60 years - until 2040

The Russian cruiser Moscow will remain in the service of the Russian Navy until 2040.

A source in the country's military-industrial complex reported that the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet will remain in the service of the Russian fleet until 2040, setting a real record. The actual life of the Russian warship will be 61 years, which is incredibly long, and at the same time, Moscow is still a formidable cruiser for almost any enemy.

“During the repair, the cruiser replaced the second bottom, tanks, part of the underwater hull, which, according to experts, will allow him to be in service for at least another 20 years”- said a source in the defense industry complex in an interview with TASS news agency.

The Russian warship is so versatile that it can easily withstand any threat, since it has modern weapons in its arsenal, which can easily deal with the enemy both at sea and on land. Moreover, in the near future the cruiser “Moscow” will go to the coast of Syria, where it will take part in the exercises and will significantly strengthen the Russian military group in this Arab republic.

The Russian cruiser is armed with artillery mounts, anti-aircraft mounts, anti-ship missiles, air defense systems, as well as anti-submarine and mine-torpedo weapons.

What do you write about the body, new tanks = low-tech parts !? And where do you get High-Tech equipment that is not produced in Russia: the power plant of the cruiser M-21 produced in Ukraine in Nikolaev, which includes 59pcs DT-71 and DS-2 gas turbine engines. each, gearboxes Р028 and РГ54 of 2 pcs. each, two steam turbines and two recycling boilers? - Without them, the dilapidated “Moscow”, as it stood in the Holland region in Sevastopol, will still stand, but it is periodically pulled out to the center of the bay on holidays for an FAL demonstration of “military power” ...