Rocket Sarmat


Russian laser "Peresvet" and hypersonic rocket "Sarmat" - remnants of the past

Laser "Peresvet" and hypersonic "Sarmat" - the development of Soviet times.

The Lebanese satellite television channel Al-Mayadin provided information on the fact that modern Russian armament was developed back in the days of the Soviet Union. As reporters report, the only thing Russian scientists did was to optimize unique weapons, making it more efficient and promising.

According to the Al-Mayadin TV channel, the unique Russian laser Peresvet, which was recently introduced into the Russian army, was designed back in the 80 of the last century, the former name of the 1K11 Stiletto. Soviet development was intended to counteract optoelectronic devices of the enemy and was considered a self-propelled laser complex (SLK).

The ballistic missile R-28 "Sarmat", which is an advanced Russian development, as it turned out, also came from the Soviet Union, in particular, we are talking about the R-36M missile, better known under the name "Satan". And although the key feature of the Sarmat ballistic missile is the hypersonic speed it develops (about 25 thousand km / h - editor's note), this unique missile cannot be considered a completely Russian development.

Among other things, earlier experts have already claimed that the same air missile system "Dagger" is also a development of Soviet scientists and engineers, and although in the last century hypersonic technology could not be brought to the mind, to call the hypersonic missile X-47M2 (part of the ARC "Dagger" - Ed.) Only the development of Russian scientists can not.

K.E. Tsiolkovsky was more of a space flight theorist. But the US missiles were built by SS Sturmbannfuehrer Werner von Braun

That would be more to know the comments of residents ... Papua New Guinea and Australian Aborigines ... funny

So what? So all the statues were in marble for millions of years! The sculptors only opened them, taking away the extra marble with a chisel .... Very stupid article ...

So what? AK more than 60 years, and he is the most reliable.

Explain somebody to Lebanon that the development of technologies to the finished product in countries with developed defense industry is conducted for years and decades and does not suddenly grow on Lebanese cedars.)

the criticism from Lebanon is especially "scary" ...

Everything is based on something, on some existing technologies, ideas. There is absolutely, basically new without using the old principles, ideas, technologies, developments. Who does not agree - I ask you to give an example of such an innovative development. It is possible and Concord the same to reduce to the plane of brothers Wright - nothing essentially so new, in fact - wings, fuselage, engines, pilots ...

Dear your communists, alas, for a long time have got the real estate in the USA. Therefore, it is necessary to create another party that has not tarnished itself by collapse.

All the newest of our equipment is really developed in the USSR. Nobody is going to humiliate Russia. You are trying to explain that modern Russia does not even resemble the pale shadow of the USSR. And this fact simply depresses. Our homeland was betrayed and sold by those who now rule it. And people with the stubbornness of the donkey go and vote for those who robbed him, humiliated him and raped him. Vote for the Communists, - we can again be proud of our GREAT COUNTRY.

What a liberal snot dissolved, and saliva splashes. Would you be silent in a rag, what can you do? probably just this?

Everything new is a well-forgotten old

Archimedean "rays of death."
 232. During the Roman attack on Syracuse around 214 BC. e., according to legend, the city was saved by Archimedes. He burned the Roman fleet with sunbeams reflected from mirrors. As they say, many soldiers lined up on the shore, who simultaneously directed sunbeams at each of the ships - so the entire enemy fleet was destroyed.

Everything that mankind possessed was when that and by whom
invented. Everything is an improvement created earlier.
Airplanes, ships, missiles, etc. etc. Why do not you
spit in the US for what they are doing rockets? After all, their
invented yet K.E. Tsiolkovsky !! And helicopters so in general
Leonardo da Vinci. There is nothing more stupid than shouting that it was invented and developed before you.

whence new then to take?

Dear V.N. Platov, there is no "Smolino" landfill in the Nizhny Novgorod region. And the Gorokhovets training ground has been operating since pre-revolutionary times. Now it is the Gorokhovets training center of the RF Ministry of Defense. And be careful with spelling, Stiletto will be correct, not Stedet .....))

Yes there is a difference. The best minds either leave the country or do not give them the opportunity to prove themselves. With this approach, there will soon be nothing new in the defense industry. So far, and save the old developments.

It's surprising how competent our armaments are in Lebanese. Stronger than the specialists from the Ivory Coast and the Republic of Vanuatu. I would like to know their opinion.

And what difference does it make to us whose development it is, will perform its functions of protecting our country from attack by sworn "partners" and that is enough for us. Well, the gain in time will give us the best weapons for preparing our children.

... agree to 99% ... that's just a question, how to revive it ... ... even though the majority understands it ...

Who is not in the course-explain: Lebanese chushki, the most advanced experts - on lasers and hypersound, after kefir!

Platonov please tell us what else is available in the secret development of the Russian Federation except for (12 laser modules on neodymium glass in the free-running mode) a laser complex on the platform of the automatic control system produced by Uraltransmash.?

And before the present. invented a bow and different arrows .......

And what about the Lebanese channel, which is the development? Clearly not Kadafi chustvuetsya white helmet and brown bag.

Subversive Comments:
-The whole corruption was stolen and plundered
Fools and non-professionals
-all developments are junk and old.
-information contradicts the laws of Newton and Leibniz

Kolya, who told you that someone is writing? Just diapers need to give out the MIC of Russia !!!!!!

The author is absolutely stupid about the Peresvet laser complex, which is supposedly an improved development of the 1K11 Stilet laser complex. As a former employee of the Raduga Design Bureau, which was part of the Astrophysics Research and Production Association (Moscow), the developer of this product, I responsibly declare that Peresvet has nothing to do with the 1K11 Stilet product! It does not correspond either in form or in content to the Stedet - 12-channel (12 laser modules on neodymium glass in free-running mode) laser complex on the ACS platform, manufactured by Uraltransmash. I took part in the pilot production and testing of these products at the "Raduga" design bureau and at the "Smolino" test site in the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Yes to hell with them, the Lebanese, although there is some truth in what was said. Who should develop from scratch now? Science, in a broad sense, is in deep ass along with the whole country. Entire scientific schools ceased to exist. Dozens of industries too. And who is in charge of science and industry? This is one rogue monkey on top of another. In, Serdyukov was thrown onto the helicopters. Pease ... to helicopters. And into space, the journalist Rogozin, to replace AvtoVAZ's Komarov. And in the USSR there were powerful research teams, a powerful industry and a good higher education (without the USE). But these Lebanese are only partly right. The point is that not always great ideas can be realized at the moment they appear. For example, Hyper Loop Mask was described back in 1956 in Kazantsev's science fiction novel Arctic Bridge. Vacuum tube and movement in a linear magnetic field There are electric cars without drivers. And the radiotelephone in the novel The Nebula of Andromeda Efremov in 1958. There are many examples. By the way, now our new "cosmonaut" Rogozin fucks the fool Putin brains with a heavy Angara. The question is - and nah ..? There has already been a successful super-heavy Energy. Also on the corosin and oxygen and the sides she had beautiful -Zenits. And it provided for the return of both the Zenith (and not vertically, but on the strip) and the central stage. And the resource of the central stage engines is up to 20 starts. But Putin is not an ear or a snout in all this. You can fill it in and ask for a lot of attendants, and then steal half of it, as it was under Komarov - about 800 crd. Golikova called it financial violations.

It is not clear only why the opinions of some Lebanese "experts" are being reprinted here, whose Sarmat is not Sarmat and the laser is not a laser. Baby talk in general.

When a person is an idiot - this is forever! As a result, all this nonsense comes to light. It is obvious that all the existing developments of modern weapons are somehow a logical continuation of some previously existing projects. This has always been and always will be, and, in all countries! This is quite normal and normal practice.

Interestingly, the journalists of some Lebanon (not even a third-rate country) just “know” everything about the latest Russian developments. Where from. For some reason, countries from the first row, especially from NATO, are peeing boiling water on their thighs for some reason. That their intelligence is worse than Lebanese journalists ???

Rockets are those filling the other

I wonder how many Lebanese were unfastened for "information". It can be seen that the money remained unspent from the "White Helmets".

In fact, the withdrawal of Lebanese "specialists" from the Al-Mayadin channel, who, to put it bluntly, are not on the topic of Russia's advanced weapons, are hopelessly backward and a relic of the past.

It would be simply surprising if Sarmat was not a further development of Soviet liquid-fueled missiles. How else ? It seems that the eastern channel understands two things: first, Russia is the heir to the USSR in all senses, and secondly, the people who developed Sarmat are the same people that the Voivode developed earlier, and even if not themselves, then their pupils.

do not confuse Russia with the USSR !!! The present country is eating crumbs from the table of its great ancestor! - I understand that if the wheel was invented in the V millennium BC, then Mercedes can not be considered a German development either ???

-There is better to wash gold in Siberia, to cover the damage caused, or to finish building up the smog. - you yourself do not stremno this publish ??
1. Lebanese satellite television channel "Al-Mayadin" - well, these are the most recognized experts in these areas, and of course Lebanese technologies in these areas are ahead of the whole planet!
2. I do not understand - after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia had to burn all the USSR's designs in the furnace, and shoot all the Soviet scientists, designers, engineers - so what !?

The USSR, too, was stuffed with weapons, but it is not noticeable that it somehow helped him.

Al-Mayadin from Lebanon is, of course, authority. They all know.

All developments of our military-industrial complex are the achievements of the "damned" communists. Now we have learned only to produce oligarchs, perhaps they are absolutely necessary for our state. Moreover, the government led by Mendel David Aronovich, whom we know as Medvedev. YES. is awaiting guidance from the IMF on how to manage our economy. Isn't it time to switch back to planned leadership under the control of the state, and send all the evil spirits together with Mendel to the West in parcels?

Guys, all that is shown is really junk. A real weapon is such that Russia can not worry for its security for another XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

In 85 he worked in the instrumental department. There was a "lance" product, we finished it. All gave a nondisclosure agreement. They talked about a super rocket ...

I hate traitors of the Motherland

Roma, did you study at school yourself? ))
I'll tell you as a physicist - everything said is true.
In some places something was left out, sometimes exaggerated a little or looked from the side. But all that was said was true. This is from the point of view of physics and its laws)))

Even if this is so, our scientists of the last century should be given credit for the fact that they made such a reserve even under the USSR. And everyone who writes all kinds of mura about what they themselves have not seen and do not know from me personally LEATHER CHUPA-CHUPS IN ROT!

Well, why do you need a head? if you do not use it, but just hawala what you are given and drooling with joy: WE HAVE A HYPPE PUPER WEAPONS! physics / at least the school course read / scientists listen and even for a minute head include! Well, there is no such weapon with us and will never be! Well, it's impossible to break the laws of physics! this is not the laws of the state!

Go or finish your studies at school or get well!

Well done, just said! We agree!

This is not a remedy. Yes, we are receivers of the USSR .. Yes, the USSR was the World Power. Yes, we, all these years, generally ignored or destroyed. But this should not happen and you have to learn from mistakes. Including
and those who recognize only their right. But such a
The egoist is simply a liar and a hypocrite. In general, He is the Remnant. The main thing in the 21 century is the Treaty .. The Treaty
more expensive than money. This fact has long been known ..

But there were clever people in the Union, and now - either cut, or feces on a shovel, or raise the retirement age. if it was finished for the Soviet, then write was lost - the next thing was done, the wunderwolf, and they frighten the West. ugh, disgusting, inventors, and Botex all the same - all already spit an Russia, it remains only to build a fence around it and let yourself rot