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Russian laser complex "Peresvet" first tested in Syria

Russian military laser "Peresvet" was tested in Syria.

The Russian military laser complex "Peresvet" was first tested in Syria. According to the information publication Bulgarian Military, the period of testing of the Russian military laser in the Middle East is not named, however, apparently, the Russian laser complex was used, and probably continues to be used at the moment, against attacks by jihadists, Israeli missiles and Turkish drones, providing mainly the protection of the Russian military airbase "Khmeimim".

"The Russian laser complex" Peresvet "has successfully passed all state and combat tests in Syria. Peresvet is already in service with the Russian army and continues to evolve and renew itself as Moscow continues to use it in Syria. Information about this laser system is minimal. According to some experts, these weapons consume so much energy that their mobility is questionable. Many experts suggest that Russia will use it primarily to guard military bases around the world, providing protection against unmanned aerial vehicles. ", - reports the "Bulgarian Military" edition.

Earlier, the news agency also cited information that the Russian complex "Peresvet" was delivered to Syria for testing, however, these data were not confirmed by any facts. Nevertheless, today Syria is indeed an effective environment for testing the latest Russian weapons, and taking into account the fact that recently drone attacks on Russian military bases have been completely stopped, it is obvious that Peresvet has demonstrated very high efficiency.


Semiconductor ones may have low efficiency, but with pumping gas ones, they actually got up to 75%. But the main thing is something else, the time of delivery to the target and the tracking of the target. Kinetic ones may simply not have time to shoot down. So they are pouring funds into research and testing.

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Peresvet has no difficulty in energy consumption, because it has an autonomous thermonuclear cold fusion reactor.

Yes, already how many of these experiments have been and still will be ...

We have already tried both the combat laser on aircraft and the Gauss cannon on warships. In theory, an effective weapon of almost instantaneous action.

In fact - a colossal energy consumption for the laser, the need to "guide" the target until it receives enough damage. At the same time, a small resource of emitters and just "gold" production.
For the Gauss cannon, everything is even worse: for it you need to build a separate capacitor ship on a nuclear reactor, so that such a cannon is effective at a more or less normal distance and provides aimed fire at the required speed. And some incredible technologies are also needed to create an independent working combat version, and not a laboratory platform. It is also a truly "golden" project.

As a result, it turns out that it makes sense to implement such solutions only either in a stationary version, or to build a separate project for a lot of money, so that for its entire service life, God forbid, at least one shot in ideal conditions.

Israel has never fired at a Russian base! Why invent?

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As far as I still remember, at the end of the life of the Soviet Union, they were going to build a cottage village near the city, and there were just laid mini nuclear power plants in every house. They wanted to build this village from some scientific research institute)

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If politicians do not show how the laser works and do not brag, then the results of laser work do not impress anyone.

in fact, I already wrote exactly the same comment, that I don’t see it. But after all there is not a single non-literary word, and there is not even a literary curse ... okay again ... I agree with the merry fellow ... in a couple of months or a year we will begin to talk about the creation in Russia of a super-powerful rocket capable of destroying continents (the beginning has already been made) and planets with one kind. and now about overexposure ... citizens so tearing causal places about the great breakthrough ... let's remember the trochs of history (well, not long ago) .. in 2014, the Americans tested their laser cannon installed on a ship, in 2019 at the test site ... how much "evidence" from you was the impossibility of such a weapon ... both dust and clouds will not let the laser fly through ... Now tell me, where did your arguments go at the mention of overexposure ???

Expect to be invited to a demonstration of Peresvet's work soon

Looks like you did this photoshop yourself, in your comments. Show documents that there is nothing in Syria, but these are only words not supported by facts. bots like you just amuse me)))

I confused not only the United States ... What is your pearl: "apparently, the Russian laser complex was used, and probably continues to be used at the moment, against attacks ... Israeli missiles and Turkish drones ..."

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I agree, the fantasies of the authors of these articles have already crossed all the boundaries of reason ... but just do not need to prompt them. Otherwise, in a couple of months we will definitely have death stars in service ... somewhere a month before the "appearance" of our laser complex, the Americans tested your own, successfully knocking down (it seems) a drone ... do you remember how our media scattered like it was money thrown out by the Yankees ... the laser works only in clear weather and any cloud will not allow the laser to work ... and a million more arguments against the possibility of the appearance such a weapon .. where did they get their arguments against overexposure?

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"... to guard military bases around the world ..."
This is where Russia has military bases "all over the world"? The list is in the studio! In my opinion, the author has beguiled Russia with the United States. I suppose not without intent.

The result is that even small plastic drones can now fall before they can reach, which was a problem before.

I think Peresvet is like a Russian mobile phone, it seems there is, but no one has seen or will see it in operation.

Well, it is unlikely that Peresvet was taken out somewhere abroad. It has, or is forced to have a stationary basis, otherwise it will not have enough energy, and moving away from the battery charging source increases the period of energy replenishment and the next shot.

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this, if on the old physical principles

such complexes were already under the USSR! It all came down to the power source. This beast needs a power plant. It looks like the problem was partially solved!

Can I send you a schematic diagram for manual assembly in the garage?

The problem I think is different, how to protect it from spies, but everything is in order with the energy, a compact nuclear reactor has been invented, this has already been casually discussed in the media

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Thanks for the tip. We will work hard on this issue! More tips, good and different!

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wondering who fried feberge with this laser?

problemma in the power supply. it is so powerful that it cannot be small in any way.

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I have it, but it only burns paper from a distance of 10 cm.

Lasers have low efficiency. A high-power source of energy is needed. It's far from the pocket.

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The result is not obligatory for you, so that you pass it on to the curators?

Most likely a portable nuclear reactor is used for powering. He is already in the Russian Federation on the Paret petrel, the nucleon station, etc.

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We will rather hide, classify a promising technology than tell

it is necessary to make it more compact, it is too bulky

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They forgot to invite you to the test

They forgot to invite you to the test

Perhaps, probably, but obviously hardly. Some speculations and assumptions.