Ship Ivan Papanin


Russian icebreaker armed with 12 Kalibr cruise missiles to protect the Northern Sea Route

The Russian icebreaker patrol ship Ivan Papanin was armed with 12 Kalibr cruise missiles.

The Russian multipurpose icebreaker patrol ship "Ivan Papanin" was armed with three container complexes "Caliber-K", which allows the ship, in the event of the slightest threat, to strike at enemy ships with twelve cruise missiles at once. With a maximum missile launch range of 1400 kilometers (according to other sources - 2600 kilometers - ed.), This makes it possible to successfully attack the enemy long before the latter can take any action.

Three launchers disguised as sea containers allow 12 cruise missiles to be transported. If necessary, the number of launch containers can be further increased. In this regard, if the enemy attempts to create a provocation and occupy the waters of the Northern Sea Route, the patrol ship "Ivan Papanin" can easily successfully destroy any sea target.

It should be noted that the Ivan Papanin ship is by no means the only ship on board which the Kalibr-K complexes are located, however, due to the secrecy of this information, such data have not been disclosed.

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