Russian MiG-29M was able to defeat the American F-16C in battle

The Russian MiG-29M fighter demonstrated complete dominance in the battle against the American F-16C.

Despite the fact that Russian MiG-29 fighters are far from the most promising combat aircraft, it became known that in an air battle against the American F-16 fighter, it was the Russian combat aircraft that turned out to be more effective.

As follows from the information provided, after the Egyptian Air Force first received the Russian MiG-29M fighters, they were tested in battle against the American F-16C fighters already in service with the Egyptian army. As it turned out, in battle, the Russian combat aircraft not only did not yield to the "American", but was also able to demonstrate complete domination over it.

“At the time of purchase by Egypt, the MiG-29, the oldest and least modern Russian fighter, was in production. But when compared specifically to an American fighter, the MiG-29M is a huge breakthrough compared to the F-16C. Although the MiG-29M is less modern than the F-16C, the combat characteristics of the MiG-29M are not curtailed, moreover, Egypt has the opportunity to use long-range missiles R-27ER and R-77. Thus, for the first time in decades, the MiG-29M provided Egypt with an air battle equivalent to the Israeli Air Force. The MiG-29M is second only to the Su-35 in terms of general characteristics in the Egyptian Air Force, and its purchase is considered the beginning of the process of restoring the potential of a world military power ", - reports the information publication "Soha".

Obviously, it is for this reason that Egypt decided to purchase much more modern Su-35S fighters, and in the future, this North African country is even considered a potential operator of the Russian fifth generation Su-57 fighters.