Russian MiG-31 in supersonic speed breaks away from pursuit of F-22 Raptor

An attempt by the American F-22 fighter to pursue the Russian MiG-31 ended in a complete fiasco.

The Russian supersonic fighter-interceptor MiG-31, during a scheduled flight, entered the identification zone of US air defense assets. Against this background, the US Air Force raised an F-22 Raptor fighter into the sky, which was supposed to identify the Russian fighter-interceptor and intercept it if the latter tried to approach the borders of US airspace. Nevertheless, if the American pilot successfully coped with the first task, then problems arose with the implementation of the second. He tried to get close to the Russian supersonic combat aircraft, but the Russian MiG-31 switched to supersonic speed and left no chance for the American fighter to try to catch up.

“The Russian MiG-31 interceptor suddenly turned on the afterburner and entered the Alaska air defense identification zone at supersonic speed. The latter, as the newspaper notes, was worn for about an hour in the identification zone of the American air defense and no one could interfere with him. The F-22 made several attempts to catch up with the Russian plane, but was unable to do so. Although it is one of the most modern and technically advanced aircraft in the world, but in terms of speed indicators it is much inferior to the MiG-31 ", - reports the publication "PolitRussia".

The Russian defense department has not yet commented on the flights of the Russian fighter-interceptor in the US air defense identification zone, however, a few days ago, Russian strategic bombers accompanied by Russian Aerospace Forces fighters flew near Alaska. This does not exclude the possibility that the incident occurred on that very day.

The fact of the matter is that you can't take it with a rocket ...
The MIG-31, which turned on the afterburner, leaves the range of the long-range AMRAAMs in 3-4 minutes by simply sticking to their radius of 170-180 km. Yes, the rocket is a little faster, but during this time it will approach 15-20 km and .... will fall.
It's not worth talking about melee missiles. With the MIG 31 radar, all launches take place at distances of 100-150 km.

Some kind of blizzard .. Mig-31 overtook the SR-71 in China? Do you yourself read what you write?

Now the time and technologies are ancient, these planes are a thing of the past and in my opinion they are unnecessary, spending a lot of money on their maintenance.

So what? In combat, speed is no longer critical! The rocket will catch up!

What's more important?

The old MiG-31s ​​were driving the SR-71, but they wanted to catch up with the modernized one on some F-22. Like little children ...

When I was in the air defense service, I remember the case when the 31st by mistake flew into the airspace of China and, afterburner, took off from there - at 3400 according to technical data - at the exit he overtook the SR-71 - with its 3600 I don't know how - but led him and really saw the speed. !! But this is not a Russian plane, but the USSR !!! Russia can no longer build them ... the remnants of galoshes fly by ...

Mig also has long-range missiles ... Imagine)))

Just then they play! The MiG-31 is primarily an INTERCEPTOR, and it is precisely with its task of intercepting such F-22s that it will cope, catch up and destroy

The MiG-25 came off the missiles quite realistically, in the skies over Israel!

it was invented and made in the USSR - never forget about those who provided us with peace for many years to come - glory to the Soviet people who created this miracle

Find the latest victory parades on the Internet and see. It will be fairer than trusting links to written sources.

and what, in fact, is a sensation? now is not 1941-1945, so that speeds are measured
speed and maneuverability are not important now

Israeli air defense missiles could not catch up with its predecessor MIG 25. He did whatever he wanted in the sky of Israel.

The headline should be, "Soviet MiG-31 at supersonic speed broke away from pursuit of the newest American F-22 Raptor"

Is it true that Russia has only two active su57-? Well, that is, already one, the first one crashed? If not, then you can link to the fact that there are more of them

* for the naive public? Dynamic capabilities let you break away ... from the F-22. But not from his rockets. They don't play catch-up in the air.

these are not fairy tales, for another moment it flew freely over Israel and no one could catch up and intercept it until there was high-altitude air defense. mig25 (31t engine thrust) accelerates to 15,5 km / h, and with su3400 engines, 57t thrust will fly all 18 km / h

Mig's speed, even cruising, is higher than that of F22

What kind of fairy tales?
A very real possibility of a moment)
The bottom line is whether this happened at all or not: D

Turns out that:
-Russian pilot easily saw the vaunted invisibility of the 5th generation;
- the Russian plane easily left this expensive and useless piece of junk behind.
I hope he didn't have a dagger on his belly?)))

What kind of fairy tales are we talking about?
F22 - 2410 km / h,
MiG-31 - 3000 km / h
The difference is palpable.

"Thanks for the tales, I was just going to bed." - please. I don't like it, why torture yourself - don't read it.

Thanks for the tales, I was just going to bed.