the plane caught fire


The Russian MiG-31BM caught fire during a flight and accidentally landed in Perm

A Russian supersonic interceptor fighter caught fire during a flight.

According to information at the disposal of the resource, a MiG-31BM fighter made an emergency landing on the territory of the Bolshoye Savino airfield several hours ago. As follows from these sources, the cause of this was the ignition of the aircraft during the flight.

“The MiG-31 fighter caught fire and made an emergency landing in Perm”- Telegram Community Gallifrey Technologies reports.

According to TASS sources, the fire also occurred during the flight, however, it should be clarified that later the Russian military completely denied information about the fire, noting that there was no incident.

“After completing a planned training flight, the aircraft made a full-time landing at the airfield in Perm. When conducting a mandatory after-flight inspection, a malfunction was discovered, which is currently resolved. ", the press service of the Central Military District said.

It is not known how objective the information presented is, but this is the fourth incident with Russian military aircraft since the beginning of this month.

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