Russian MiG-35 recognized as obsolete fighter

The Russian MiG-35 fighter was called morally obsolete.

The informational publication Utro.ru, citing data from the American resource The National Interest, reports that the latest Russian MiG-35 fighter, which was first presented to the public only a few days ago, turned out to be morally and technically obsolete.

“Due to the fact that the MiG-29 has been repeatedly upgraded, the jump between it and the MiG-35 is not so obvious. <...> According to "NI", the 4 ++ generation is a rather conventional concept and an attempt to present the "thirty-fifth" as a qualitatively new leap in Russian combat aviation. <...> Therefore, while the MiG-35 is a good fighter, which appeared too late and in absentia is considered somewhat outdated, especially when compared with fifth-generation engines ”notes edition.

It should be clarified that at present, only Egypt and India have shown interest in the Russian MiG-35 fighters, however, the latter country has not yet been negotiating the purchase of this combat aircraft, which emphasizes the fact that countries are very very cautious about the purchase of a fighter.

- "when compared with fifth-generation cars" .....
are they not about a bucket of bolts - f 35?

The dog barks and the caravan moves on.



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