Russian mobilized took hostage about 10 servicemen

In the Bryansk region, a mobilized man took about 10 military hostages.

In the village of Plavna, Bryansk region, an incident occurred involving a man mobilized from the Samara region, who took about 10 military hostages. The reason for his actions was that he learned about the death of his relatives in the NWO. The man was armed with a machine gun and had grenades with him, with which he threatened, but did not put forward any demands.

The police quickly responded to the incident and surrounded the cultural center where the hostages were being held. Soon the commander of the military unit to which the mobilized person belonged acted as a negotiator and tried to persuade him to surrender. An hour later, he managed to negotiate with the man, and he released the hostages and surrendered.

This incident shows how serious the emotional stress caused by a personal tragedy in a person's life can be. In such cases, it is important that the police and military respond quickly and effectively to what is happening and prevent violence.


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