Russian marines died in a sunken armored personnel carrier during exercises

The Russian marines died in an armored personnel carrier that sank during exercises.

Interfax reported the death of a marine during a training exercise in the Baltic Fleet. This happened at a time when the Marines landed from the landing craft ashore. According to the source, after leaving the twin ship, one of the armored personnel carriers did not reach the shore, but sank almost immediately. One of the servicemen could not get out of the combat vehicle and drowned.

The Military Investigation Department of the Baltic Fleet confirmed the death of a soldier at a test site in the Kaliningrad region. Details are not given, it is reported only that a criminal case.

Earlier, on the sixth of June, three former privates at exercises in the Leningrad Region were mistakenly fired from a tank. They demanded from the Ministry of Defense monetary compensation for moral damage and the "criminal negligence of commanders." The total amount requested by them is six million rubles.