Iskander rocket launch


Russian OTRK "Iskander" with an accuracy of several centimeters destroyed the target from a distance of 180 kilometers

The export version of the Iskander OTRK demonstrated an incredibly high accuracy of hitting targets.

As part of the test firing of Iskander-E complexes at the training range of one of the foreign buyers, the tactical missile was able to successfully hit the target. The accuracy of the strike turned out to be simply incredible - the missile hit the target with an accuracy of several centimeters, demonstrating its unique features.

“The shooting took place on the territory of a foreign customer. The ballistic missile launched by the complex covered 180 kilometers and hit exactly the crosshair of the target - this was confirmed by the cameras installed around the target. The products of Rostec enterprises have once again proven themselves from an exceptionally positive side. "- said industrial director of the complex of weapons of the state corporation "Rostec" Bekkhan Ozdoev in an interview with "RIA Novosti".

It is not specified which country we are talking about. Judging by the photograph taken just before the test launch, this is not an African state or the countries of the Middle East, where it was previously planned to start supplying Russian Iskander missile launchers. According to a number of assumptions, Serbia could become the buyer of the Iskander-E OTRK.

Today, there are no analogues in the world of the Russian Iskander and Iskander-M missile systems capable of hitting targets with such precision, however, much more remarkable is that just one strike will be enough to destroy significant enemy forces.

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Photo-video recording and objective control systems measure with high accuracy

It is strange, of course, that Armenia, which is armed with such a unique complex, did not use it in the Karabakh war.

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