Iskander rocket launch


Russian OTRK "Iskander" is able to strike only in Poland and the Baltic states

The Russian OTRK Iskander proved useless against NATO forces in Europe.

The Russian Iskander operational-tactical missile system and its Iskander-M modification were unexpectedly criticized by Western experts. Despite the highest efficiency of the use of this OTRK, it became known that the Iskander attacks are very limited, since they provide an opportunity only to hit targets only in Poland.

According to analysts, given that the Russian OTRK Iskander and Iskander-M are capable of hitting targets at distances up to 500 kilometers, most of Europe is not under their sight, as was previously reported - only Poland is hit and the Baltic states.

“The Russian missile system (Iskander - approx. Ed.) Does not at all pose a significant threat to European states. Only the territory of Poland is under the gun of Russian missiles, where missile defense systems will be deployed in the near future that will reduce all threats to zero, - note European publications.

Nevertheless, experts pay attention to the fact that, taking into account Russia's exit from the INF Treaty, on the basis of the Iskanders, much more long-range missiles may also appear, which, with a range of 1000 kilometers, can calmly cover all of Germany and central Europe.

Not a problem, a question of the near future. And Poland and the Baltic states are no longer needed by the EU, and then only hindrance because of their orientation to the USA. The question is how much the EU will buy to finance the US military-industrial complex. And this also has its own industry. The EU got a big pig from USA and great framed. And rightly so vassal.

Want to test in practice?

I knew at school 20 years ago that the Iskanders fly only on 500 km. And did these mathematics just get to these ex-farts?