Russian border guard shot down a drone of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "Valkyrie"

Russian border guard prevented a Ukrainian drone attack on the Bryansk region.

As it became known, the Ukrainian military tried to send the Valkyrie unmanned aerial vehicle towards the Bryansk region. The drone could well be used to correct artillery strikes or to carry out a drone attack. However, the Russian border guard successfully located the Ukrainian drone and, having opened fire on it with a machine gun, successfully shot down the UAV.

It is known that the downed unmanned aerial vehicle was not equipped with any explosives. In this regard, it has been suggested that the drone could be used as a means to correct Ukrainian artillery strikes, since the number of APU attacks on Russian regions located near the borders of Ukraine has increased significantly.

Experts believe that the increase in observation posts on the border with Ukraine may well reduce the number of attacks on the territory of the Bryansk, Belgorod and other regions. At the same time, with the onset of the warm season, it is quite possible that the number of downed drones may increase, since in this case the cloud cover will be much less, which will provide an opportunity to detect enemy drones.


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