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Russian ambassador: VKS embarked on offensive operation in southern Syria

Russian VCS was seen in an offensive operation in south-west Syria.

A few hours ago, the Russian ambassador to Lebanon, Alexander Zasypkin, announced that the Russian Aerospace Forces, together with Syrian government forces, had launched an offensive operation in south-western Syria.

"The Syrian army, supported by Russian troops, launched an offensive operation to restore its territorial borders in the south", the Russian ambassador said in a statement.

Almost simultaneously with the announcement, information began to appear about the fact that Russian fighters and bombers were noticed in the sky over the province of Daria, in particular, it was said that the majority of the air strikes of Russian military aerial satellites were on the city of Burara Harid, located on the border of the province of Daria and Suweida .

Earlier there were reports that Russia could refuse further operations for the liberation of Syria, which was indirectly confirmed by the virtually absent activity of Russian military aircraft in recent weeks, as well as the fact that 11 combat aircraft and helicopters were taken from the Russian military air base Khmeimim, however, it is obvious that the official statement of the Russian ambassador allows you to name previously appeared information that is not true.

It should be clarified that The United States of America has warned Russia and Syria that a military offensive operation in the south-west of Syria can lead to serious consequences for each side.


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