Russian government special aircraft already spotted in Venezuela and Cuba

Russian government special aircraft spotted in Venezuela and Cuba.

After the Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed its readiness to deploy military bases and, probably, Russian missile weapons, as well as air defense / missile defense systems on the territory of Cuba and Venezuela, it became known that the Russian government aircraft was already in Latin America, namely, its seen several times already in Venezuela and Cuba. This fully indicates that the Russian side is negotiating to prepare an extremely tough response from the United States due to its refusal to negotiate and provide Russia with security guarantees.

According to the ADS-B Exchange and Flightradar 24 services, over the past three days, the Russian Tu-154M aircraft, according to some reports, belonging to the Russian Federal Security Service, has been spotted several times both in Venezuela and Cuba. There is unconfirmed information that the Russian plane could also land on the territory of Nicaragua, but such a route was not traced by monitoring resources.

The official purpose of the presence of the Russian special aircraft in Latin America remains unknown, however, experts do not exclude that Russia may negotiate with Cuba and Venezuela just regarding the deployment of Russian troops, military bases and infrastructure in these countries.

According to Sergey Lavrov's official statement, the final decision on the deployment of Russian forces, bases and military infrastructure in Venezuela and Cuba has not been made.

Yes, if the Tu-154 will carry missiles to Cuba and Venezuela, then the States - BEWARE !!!

In any case, the means of electronic intelligence and electronic suppression could be placed.