Tank Merkava


Russian ATGM "Kornet" with a direct hit tore off the turret of the Israeli tank "Merkava"

An Israeli tank destroyed by a Russian ATGM is reported.

According to information published by representatives of the Hamas movement, a heavy Israeli tank "Merkava" was destroyed several hours ago. It is reported that as a result of a missile fired from an ATGM hitting the tank, the turret of a heavy armored vehicle was blown off, and the tank itself, having received critical damage, was destroyed along with the crew.

"Tank" Merkava "was destroyed by a direct hit from an ATGM missile. As a result of an accurate hit from a heavy tank, the turret was blown off - the crew was killed "- said in the message.

To date, there are no photo or video materials to confirm this information, while the Israeli media do not have such information.

According to a number of sources, Hamas members could use only the Russian Kornet anti-tank missile system against the Israeli Merkava tank, which is in service with the movement in a fairly large number and which had already been repeatedly used the day before against Israeli armored vehicles.

Experts note that today the Palestinian radicals are armed with no effective means of fighting Israeli weapons, however. the facts indicate that Israel has suffered serious losses in equipment.

The usual wadded fake, the Israeli tanks are unharmed.

Thank you all, tell me how will it affect the prices of products? everything is too expensive

Great, now you can ban guns in schools and allow you to raise food prices in retail chains.

Where in Israel you saw people, the land of the Upalists was given away by destroying the civilian population, people are fighting against acupants.

And why rejoice? Death of people?

Good news in the morning

In general, it was not a tank, but a patrol jeep. Check the facts before you write

The article says that there is no photo or video for this material.

Why is the T-72 tank on fire in the photo? This is another fairy tale from the Arabs

A link would be to the Israeli media. They publish the lists of the dead. And so nice for an anti-tank officer. He served in an ATGM battery on duty. He shot two babies. One in milk. The other slammed into a target.

Why isn't the Merkava in the photo?

Ordinary froze and not the tank is destroyed



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